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The Big Ministry in Small Towns Virtual Summit is designed to engage, encourage, and equip leaders that serve in small towns and communities. The summit consists of three 75-minute webinars over a three-week schedule. Our desire is to assist small town/rural leaders in their effort to lead Great Commission-Great Commandment (GC2) churches.

Dale Sellers

April 19, 2022

Running in YOUR Lane

Dale Sellers
Network Executive Director,

Often pastors and small membership churches run outside their lanes. They are trying to do things they see other particularly larger membership churches do. During this session, the speaker will share why and how churches are called to implement God’s mission and vision for THEIR local congregation.

Ira Antoine

April 26, 2022

Come Apart Before You Come Apart

Ira Antoine
Director, Bivocational Ministry
Texas Baptists

Most pastors are driven to be constantly doing something. They do not want to be perceived as lazy, so they neglect resting – taking a sabbatical. During this session, the speaker will encourage and challenge participants to be intentional in taking a rest along with ways to take sabbatical time.

Zac Harrell

May 3, 2022

Your Ministry Matters

Zac Harrell
Network Missionary,
The Heart of Texas Baptist Network

In a culture that celebrates bigger we can forget the value of the small. During this session the speaker will remind us of the value and importance of ministry in small towns. This session will help us remember who God declares us to be and the essential work entrusted to us.

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This summit is made possible through the generous gifts to the Mary Hill Davis Offering for Texas Missions.