Breakout Sessions 1 & 3


1:00 – 2:00 PM | Breakout #1
3:30 – 4:30 PM | Breakout #3

Milestones: The Best Kept Secret to Age-Level Transitions
Bobby Cooley, Adult Discipleship Pastor, Kingsland Baptist Church, Katy
While the goal of kids and student ministries is the same, many times the path to this goal is completely different. Using developmental milestones in kids’ and students’ lives, transitions from one ministry to another can be smooth, and mature disciples of Christ will result.

Social Media as a (Good) Tool
Brandi Jones, Marketing Specialist, WMU of Texas, Dallas
Everyone else is doing it. Your people are on it. How do we use it effectively and in a way where it doesn’t consume our day? We’ll cover topics such as algorithms, ads, and using social media to communicate with students in a safe but effective way. When guests are checking out your ministry, social media is one of the first places they look.

Ministry & Events in the Post-COVID Church
Lisa Keeling, Minister to Kids, Tallowood Baptist Church, Houston
Let’s face it - Covid changed a lot of things. Some for the better, some for the worse. Entering the post-covid era of ministry is a big gray area when it comes to the do’s and don'ts of ministry and events. Do we bring back that 20-year event/tradition? Do we still minister to our people in the same way as before? How do we move forward with the expectation to do things “the way we used to”?

He Said, She Said, They Said, We Said: The Gender Identity Discussion
David Sanchez, Director, Ethics and Justice, Christian Life Commission, Texas Baptists, Dallas
Gender identity is something many people in Family Ministry would have never imagined they’d be dealing with ten years ago. The way culture views sexuality is changing faster than we could imagine. This breakout will help you understand what is happening around you and how you can tailor the Gospel to students in the middle of it.

Looking Beyond Behaviors: Every Child Has a Story
(Childhood Ministry Emphasis)
Mary Ann Bradberry, Former Executive Director of Texas Baptist Church Weekday Association, Austin
When teachers (or parents) are asked about the difficulties of teaching children, the words “challenging behavior” are more often than not, part of the conversation! Or how often is your response to a child’s behavior “What’s wrong with this child!” The fact is, we may not be asking the right questions to effectively determine the best response to a child’s behavior. This training offers insight into the uniqueness of each child's story and the reasons for challenging behaviors and will offer alternative questions to ask to better meet the spiritual and emotional needs of today’s children.

Teaching Volunteers How to Talk to Students
(Youth Ministry Emphasis)
Andy Blanks, Co-Founder, YM360, Iron Hill Press, Birmingham, AL
Communicating with teenagers can be intimidating, and many (if not all) of your volunteers feel this way. Equipping our volunteers to communicate well with our students is critical to our students being known and cared for. In this breakout, we’ll discuss best practice, and the art of asking questions (even when we only get one-word answers.)

Sharing an Authentic Gospel with Children That Leads to a Robust Faith
(Childhood Ministry Emphasis)
Dr. Shelly Melia, Associate Dean, The Graduate School, Dallas Baptist University
This session will focus on sharing the gospel with children with an emphasis on discipleship that promotes a robust faith. Kids’ faith transformation looks different than teens and adults. Join this discussion to take away practical tools to identify and encourage kids in their faith journey.

Not Your "Typical Youth/Kids Minister"
C.V. Blake, Pastor to Adults, First Baptist Church Abilene
The words "typical Youth/Children's Minister" may bring with it some certain images that do not reflect the significance of the position God has called you to. What does it look like to change the image people have of a minister? Let’s discuss how you can gain influence in the church at large, as well as grow confidence in parents, and other key people in your ministry.

Raising Tiny Disciples: Helping Parents with Generational Discipleship Approach
Ron Hunter, Executive Director & CEO, Randall House & D6 Ministries, Nashville, TN
Your family legacy matters. Likewise, every parent and grandparent wants to instill value in the next generation. Your church can help. Discover how D6 (Deuteronomy 6) Family Ministry principles and practices can make a difference. We will identify the common problems most churches are trying to solve, then lay a biblical foundation to map the way. And for the last half, we will share easy ways to intentionally make a difference at church and in the home

Essential Elements for a Thriving Church College Ministry (College Ministry Emphasis)
Debbie & Mark Boucher, Valley Grove Baptist Church, Stephenville
What does it take to grow and sustain a vibrant college ministry? It might be more simple than you think! Hear from veteran college ministry leaders the proven elements that have led to a thriving college ministry.

The Art of Developing Student Leaders
Abram Haley, Lead Student Pastor, Sugar Creek Baptist Church, Sugar Land

You know your students want to be developed, But how do you do that when you have so many things going on! There is a way to develop your students as leaders to lead in your church. In this breakout, you will learn about the why and how behind developing student leaders.