Breakout Session 2

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

2:15 – 3:15 PM

The Best Tools for Biblical Understanding
Jarrid Hawkins, Student Pastor, Temple Baptist Church, Gainesville

We all desire that our volunteers and students have a greater and deeper understanding of the Bible. What are some ways that we can promote a deeper and greater understanding of the Bible? This breakout answers the question, “How can we increase Biblical literacy in our students and volunteers?”

Small Towns, Big Opportunities
Efrain Gonzalez, Associate Pastor of Students & Communication, FBC Idalou

Rural ministry isn’t for the faint of heart. The challenges facing churches in small towns can feel overwhelming, but in reality those challenges provide strength. Learn key principles for calendaring, planning, and partnering with your community, while at the same time raising up disciples who can make a big difference.

Connecting Ministry Silos
Cody Turner, Family Pastor, PaulAnn Baptist Church, San Angelo

We all have a natural tendency to drift. Ministry and work drift into silos as the path of least resistance. It takes intentionality, strategy, and some passion to connect our ministry silos. The truth is that we are better together and this session will help equip you with tools, ideas, and answer why connecting with other ministries in the church is so important.

All Out of Time: Creating a Schedule That Works
Brian Pearce, Student Pastor, Kingwood First Baptist Church

Do you feel like you have more tasks than time? How do you approach your weekly schedule? How do you decide what gets focus and what doesn’t? Find out some best practices and tips for developing a personal schedule that frees you to be your best.

Feel the Burn: Avoiding Burnout in Ministry
Lezah Maitland, Minister of Children, First Baptist Church Allen

Flyers, pizza runs, Sunday school, Wednesday nights, event planning, camp, parents, and being your church’s honorary tech person are just a few of the many responsibilities a minister has. As Student/Kids Pastors, we find ourselves wearing so many hats, it can drain the life out of us. How do we continue to lead effectively without getting burned out?

Intergenerational Not Multigenerational
Jonathan Williams, Founder, Gospel Family Ministries, Ft. Worth

What sets the church apart from so many other organizations? Each time we gather we have multiple generations together. How do we leverage our ministries to foster connections across generational lines?

The Struggle is Real: Same-Sex Attraction and Your Youth
David Sanchez, Director, Ethics and Justice, Christian Life Commission, Texas Baptists, Dallas

At a higher rate than ever before, teens are identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and pansexual. This breakout answers the following question: How do we prepare our teens to properly engage with a world that has a sexually-charged, anything goes, love is love, hookup culture attitude towards sexual intimacy? How do we help them navigate their own feelings and attractions? How do we do this while avoiding the pitfalls of the "purity culture movement"?

Outside . . . The Pathway to Preschoolers Learning About God (Preschool Ministry Emphasis)
Mary Ann Bradberry, Former Executive Director of Texas Baptist Church Weekday Association, Austin

Many children are no longer spending long, unstructured hours outdoors creating an appreciation and understanding of the creative hand of God. Come and join the discussion on why and how churches and weekday ministries can lead a movement to create opportunities for kids to get outside, explore nature, and nourish a sense of wonder and awe that can serve as a life-long source of joy and motivation for learning.

Don't Just Impart, Impact: Teaching for Change (Childhood Ministry Emphasis)
Jennifer Howington, Childhood Ministry Specialist, Texas Baptists, Dallas

The Great Commission is about teaching others to be disciple-makers, but not everyone learns in the same way. This session centers on teaching styles and approaches that will help you be more holistic when you teach. You will learn methods that will help students learn on a variety of levels, creating a lasting impact.

Next Level College Ministry (College Ministry Emphasis)
Ginger Bowman & Bill Noe, Texas Baptist Student Ministry (BSM), Dallas

How can you lead your college ministry to the next level? From start up to thriving, discipling to making disciplers, a single ministry to a multiplying ministry. Explore strategies and solutions for your local church through this fast-paced whiteboard session.

Let Them Lead (Youth Ministry Mission Emphasis)
Lance Shumake, Founder & President, iGo Global, Rockwall

Description of breakout coming soon.