Church Architecture

We are pleased to announce a new Church Architecture strategy designed to respond to requests made by our Texas Baptist churches, associations and institutions.

This is to update the changes in personnel for our Church Architecture team that began with the staff reorganization last summer, July 2020.

With their acceptance of the Voluntary Retirement Offer that was extended to over 30 BGCT staff members, our Texas Baptists Church Architecture staff, consisting of Keith Crouch, Pat Ekern, and Ken Hunnicutt, were given the added benefit of a church architecture consultant contract that began at that time and planned to conclude, December 31, 2021.

We express our gratitude for their years of service to Texas Baptists through the Church Architecture Team, including the additional 17-month contract they were provided.

Our plans going forward are to contract with VisionBridge Consulting using their staff to respond to the church architecture needs of our Texas Baptist churches, associations, and institutions.

VisionBridge Consulting is led capably by their President, Mark Todd, and Project Manager, Cal Todd, and a staff of a dozen qualified architecture specialists. Their office is located in The Woodlands, just north of Houston, but their years of church architecture experience has taken them to numerous locations across Texas.

We look forward to the continued ministry relationships the Church Architecture team has built around the state by connecting future responses to VisionBridge Consulting and their team of church architecture professionals.

Vision Bridge Consulting

1440 Lake Front Circle, Suite 120
The Woodlands, TX 77380


(346) 351-2355

For all your Church Architecture needs, you can continue to contact us at (214) 828-5135.

Ken Hunnicutt

Independent Contractor, Church Architecture

(903) 372-1470