Building Funding

United We Build

The expense of purchasing land and constructing new buildings is often greater than a church can afford without a special campaign. United We Build helps Texas Baptist churches raise the money necessary to meet these financial needs. This three-year program, built on the principles of prayer and God’s leadership, leads church members to make a commitment to give to the building project.

The key feature of United We Build is the “Spiritual Preparation Weekend,” which provides the spiritual foundation for the entire program. There is a special version of United We Build for smaller membership churches. Learn more...

Baptist Church Loan Corporation

The Baptist Church Loan Corporation provides loans to churches that are affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Loans can be for new construction, remodeling, purchasing existing buildings, purchasing land or refinancing existing debt on more favorable terms. A typical loan would be for up to 75% of the appraised value of the land and facilities and amortized for 15 years. Shorter-term loans based on capital fundraising pledges also are available.

The BCLC staff members will also help your church and its building committee work through issues related to how much debt your church can afford. Also, BCLC’s web site contains a handy calculator to help determine the maximum debt your church should consider. Learn more...

Financing Guidelines

Financial planning provides a church with helpful hints about how much debt it can afford, creating a building budget and determining what funds will be available for the project. Careful financial planning is essential and vital to the success of any building project. A summary of Baptist Church Loan Corporation lending guidelines including loan-to-appraised value ratio, debt-to-income ratio, loan amortization term, interest rate and required legal documents is available.

Loans and Grants

Contact our church architecture office for more details.

Disaster Relief Church Building Recovery Grant

This construction grant of a few thousand dollars helps assist smaller congregations that have had their church building damaged by storms of tornado, hurricane, flooding or fire. A Texas Baptists church architecture consultant first helps the church assess their situation after a disaster event and determine the best course of action to continue church programs and to restore their building. Second, the consultant helps the church consider options to recover from the disaster event relative to their insurance coverage and financial capability. Church Building Recovery grants are provided to churches that are affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas as funds are available.