The expense of purchasing land and constructing new buildings is often greater than a church can afford without a special campaign. United We Build helps Texas Baptist churches raise the money necessary to meet these financial needs. This three-year program, built on the principles of prayer and God’s leadership, leads church members to make a commitment to give to the building project. Our goal is to help your church raise as much money as possible and to strengthen your church spiritually in the process.

  • Strong spiritual emphasis: The key element of United We Build is the Spiritual Preparation Weekend, which provides the spiritual foundation for the entire program. The standard of giving to a capital fund program is raised to a new level through this weekend seminar. Church members are led to seek God’s leadership before making a commitment. They are also equipped to be better stewards of all resources. The result of this weekend is often a church-wide revival-type experience that will impact a congregation for months. Follow the below links to our Family Budget Worksheets (available in English and Spanish):
  • Thorough material and training: Campaign Leadership Team members and other leaders are thoroughly trained by the “United We Build” Consultant. They are provided with written information that explains the assignments to the very last detail.
  • Results: United We Build will raise as much money as any commercial program without the pressure or manipulation that often harms the fellowship of the church. In addition to providing money for capital fund needs, many churches experience a 10-15% increase in budget giving during a campaign.
  • Cost: Because United We Build is part of the Texas Baptist family, the cost to the church is usually lower. Most campaigns cost in the 3-5% range of the total raised by the program. See Campaign Costs.

If your church needs funds for building, remodeling, or eliminating debt, “United We Build” is the best option. A different version of United We Build exists for smaller membership churches.

For a presentation to your Building/Fund-Raising Committee, contact us at (214) 828-5135 or (888) 244-9400.