Discounted Church Supplies

Looking For Church Supplies?

Kingdom, Inc., one of the largest providers of church supplies and equipment, is now offering Texas Baptist churches a 20% discount on select merchandise (prefilled communion cups, hand sanitizer and more).


1. Create a login for

2. Log in to

3. While you are logged in, navigate to Texas Baptists Portal.

  • This is the best way to navigate to the Texas Baptists page.
    1. While you are logged into in one tab, open a new tab in your browser
    2. Copy and paste this link into the newly opened tab in your browser:

4. Choose login to Partner Program Portal and enter your private credentials. Please do not share these with churches outside of your network.

  • Login:
  • Organization: TexasBaptists (case sensitive)
  • City: Dallas
  • State: Texas

5. You will be logged out.

6. Log back in.

  • Occasionally, some customers find it necessary to reset their passwords in order to log back in.

7. Access to the portal by selecting the “Partner” menu option at the far right of the main Kingdom menu.

  • All the products visible within the Partner tab are the products eligible for the Texas Baptists discount.

Note: You only need to log in to the Partner Program Portal once. Every time you come to, you will be able to select the menu option Partner to see the products with discounts.