Final Waco Work Day

BOUNCERS this week have put in so much effort to repair homes, restore hope, and spread the love of Christ in all that they do! We want to thank First Baptist Church Fairfield, North Park Baptist Church, Westwood Baptist Church, and First Baptist Church Universal City for bringing their youth groups to reflect Christ by caring about the community of Waco. Please be praying for all of these BOUNCERS as they finish up their service today and head back home to impact and influence their own communities! All the hard work and dedication that everyone put in this week is so appreciated by homeowners, BOUNCE staff, and anyone who can see the love of Christ through this work!

But remember BOUNCE does not stop in Waco! Wherever you are, you can help people BOUNCE back on their feet by serving them because of the love of Christ! Whatever you do, no matter where you are, you can make a difference in someone's life by loving them as Christ loved you!!